Let The Torah Inspire You

Learning with Hadar is intellectually stimulating and spiritually alive. When we study Torah with nuance, rigor, and sensitivity to the full range of human experiences, we can find creative and relevant wisdom for our lives, our society, and our world.

At the Hadar National Shabbaton, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to experience this approach to Jewish learning firsthand.


In class settings, faculty will provide source sheets and guide you through the texts, exploring questions about how they can inspire and influence us.


One-on-one havruta study is a key component of Hadar’s approach to Jewish learning. You'll be surprised where the conversation takes you and your learning partner.

Elective Sessions

You will have opportunity to choose from a range of different sessions. Find the topics that most interest you.

The energy and brilliance of the faculty—as well as the highly intelligent contribution of the many participants—were awe-inspiring.
- 2017 Shabbaton Attendee

Project Zug at the National Shabbaton

Enhance your Shabbaton experience by participating – free of charge – in the Elul learning cycle of Project Zug, Hadar’s online one-on-one learning program, which starts on August 28.

Check the box when you register in order to participate. We will match you with a fellow Shabbaton participant, so that after your 4 weeks of learning together during the month of Elul, you can meet up with your havruta in person!

Feeling Inspired?