Shabbat with Hadar

Shabbat is a taste of the world to come. Here’s how you can expect to spend this special time with Hadar.

Soulful Prayer

Services at the Shabbaton will be songful, spiritual, moving, and meditative, giving every attendee an opportunity to connect to the Divine.

Inspiring Learning

Dive into Jewish texts alongside our faculty and members of the Hadar community, taking on crucial questions about Judaism and contemporary times.

Rooted Community

Over the course of the Shabbaton, you will forge deep connections with fellow Hadar community members, rooted in substance and commitment to shared values.

What to Expect Over Shabbat

Whether you have spent Shabbat at a Yeshivat Hadar Alumni Conference or a previous National Shabbaton, or if this is your first Shabbat experience with Hadar, we are so grateful that you will create this special Shabbat atmosphere with us.

The Shabbaton is a one-of-a-kind gathering where our vision for vibrant, egalitarian Jewish life comes to life. Over the course of this weekend, you’ll experience what it feels like when our most deeply-held values strike deep roots in Jewish texts and traditional observance.

We strive to create a relaxed and sacred atmosphere with everything that makes Shabbat special: energetic tefilah, nourishing Torah learning, great company, and delicious food. It’s a Shabbaton of intellectual growth, soul-stirring music, and most of all, fun!

Hadar adheres to traditional Shabbat observance, which means that over Shabbat, our space will be free of musical instruments and any electronic devices.

Covid-19 Policies

Hadar’s policies for in-person programming are made in close consultation with a medical advisor. Currently, it is too early to determine our policies for November. 

As November approaches, we plan to share more information about these policies, which may include requiring vaccinations and boosters for all who are eligible as well as taking at-home tests. The program will be held entirely indoors.

Let's Celebrate Shabbat Together!