Children and Families

Kids of all ages are an integral part of the Hadar National Shabbaton. We are pleased to offer a robust schedule of childcare and learning activities for kids.

Not only can parents and caregivers fully participate in Shabbaton activities — but your kids will have fun and learn a lot too!

Kids at the Shabbaton

On all three days of the Shabbaton, there will be learning activities and sessions for kids, divided by ages: 0-2, 3-6, 7-10, and middle school.

There will be special guidance and support for high schoolers to encourage full participation in the Shabbaton.

Finally, we are excited to offer opportunities for children and grownups to learn together and sessions geared towards parents and educators. 

What About Davening?

During davening, babysitting will be provided for the youngest kids (0-3), but there will be no separate children’s services. Kids are fully welcome in davening at the Shabbaton!  

About Hadar's Children and Families Division

Hadar’s Children and Families Division is building a network of families and young adults aspiring to a shared religious vision. Through ongoing classes and meaningful resources, we are investing in the next generation and building a world animated by our core values of Torah, Avodah, and Hesed. Learn more at